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Welcome to room 109. This is what my room looks like this year.

My room unlike others is very crowded.

I teach an English class in the morning and a bilingual class in the afternoon. So, I'm housing two curriculums in my room.

The students participate in taking their own attendance. As they enter the room they remove their name from the pocket chart and place it in a blue basket next to the chart.

This is what 56 mailboxes looks like. Thank you Miss Ricki for making this possible.

The bilingual word wall is located over the 6 windows.

The English word wall is located on the opposite side of the room.

A very important and busy place in the classroom is the calendar corner.

We use the Math Their Way program.

We make a list of word that begin with every letter we study. Then I display them and the children use them along with the word wall in their writings.

The reading rocker. I sit in it to read to the children. And they sit in it to read independently or to each other.

It makes me smile when I look over and there's two of them sitting in it, it's huge. The rocker belongs to Mrs. Gahagan, thanks for loaning us the chair.

Our reading buddies lend a hand with our community theme mural.

This is Rocky from the book "Hop to the Top".

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